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All-American Faceoff (AAFO) was started in 2015 to mentor, train, and instruct the next generation of great faceoff lacrosse players. The goal of AAFO is not only to teach athletes how to dominate at the faceoff X, but to instill skills that will help the players succeed in the classroom and in life.

AAFO philosophy is structured around the four principles of a faceoff; speed, balance, power, and technique.  Every player’s assets and body type are different; so should their stance and faceoff strategy.

AAFO runs 3-4 seasonal (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) training opportunities.  Faceoff training frequency and structure differs based on market, but encompasses all of AAFO’s curriculum.

Curriculum overview:

All-American’s Faceoff curriculum has been developed over sixteen years of playing and coaching lacrosse. Instruction will involve skills proven to work at the youth, high school, college and professional level. Curriculum will focus on improving a faceoff player’s initial move, second move, lacrosse skills, and winning faceoff mindset.

A perfect place where faceoff players can come to learn, practice, and compete.

Curriculum includes:

  • Faceoff Day: Sessions range from 1 to 1.5 hrs in length. It will focus on technique, repetition, and competition for players.
    • Uprising – meant for grades 3rd-8th
    • Open – meant for grades 3rd-college
    • Elite – meant for grades 8th-college
  • Faceoff Clinic: Sessions range from 2-6 hrs in length.   It will focus on technique, repetition, and competition for players.
    • Open – meant for grades 3rd-college
Our Team
Our Commits


 To develop well-rounded student-athletes, great lacrosse players, and dominant faceoff men through world-class training.


To provide elite level faceoff training at an affordable cost to families.


Integrity, grit (skill & effort), and perseverance

Privacy Statement

We will only pass along family contact information if seems like it would be a good opportunity for the player.


– This was my son’s 1st time working with a faceoff trainer and he loved the sessions. After the 1st session he got in the car and said “I really learned a lot tonight” the next day I was him in the back yard doing the same hand eye coordination drill that he was doing at the clinic. We look forward to more clinics with All American Faceoff. – The Leschinsky Family (Allentown, PA)

– My son learned high level techniques from Coach Pop and his staff who bring a wealth of experience from their collegiate and pro careers! – The Joyner Family (Lancaster, PA)

– Our son learned more about face off techniques in one clinic than other camp or league that we have signed him up for in the past five years. The coaching style and teaching the proper way to approach the face off was awesome. Looking forward to the next clinic on the Pittsburgh area. Thank you for your time and consideration! – The Dunmire Family (Pittsburgh, PA)

– Mike is a great coach and instructor. He shared a great deal of knowledge with the kids and made the clinic fun. As a youth coach I could see him connect with the kids and explain face-offs in a very recognizable way. Mike was genuinely interested in improving the kids’ technique and ensuring the clinic was a great experience. – The Scheets Family (Medford, NJ)

– My 4th grade son had very little instruction on faceoffs prior to showing up for this clinic… He was the youngest kid at the clinic that day. As a parent, I was a little nervous when we showed up and I saw most of the others were middle school and high school boys… Not the case at all. The coaching was excellent… He learned more about faceoffs in 3 hours than he ever thought possible. He came away with drills he can do at home to continue to improve and he came away from it with a big boost in confidence. This clinic was one of the best experiences he has had playing lacrosse… Well worth every penny and I’d do it for him again in a heartbeat. Big thanks to the coaches and the players for making a little guy feel like a big guy for a day. – The House Family (Columbus, OH)

– The 3 hours flew by, my son learned a lot of warm up and memory techniques that he is implementing in his rec. league this summer. Having a professional lacrosse player involved made the experience more awe inspiring for Cole. I would sign him up again in a heart beat! – The Burger Family (Cincinnati, OH)

– Both my boys attended the clinic and both can’t wait to try out their new skills! They think Coach Pop is the bomb and are hoping to get more instruction from him in the future. Many thanks for the lessons. We’ll be back and highly recommend a clinic or camp with this crew! – The Britton Family (Tampa, FL)

– Ronan absolutely had the best time at your face off clinic yesterday!! He said it was AWESOME!! He said that he learned so much from the team and it helped him so much!! He was so proud that you let him use you stick and told us that it wasn’t even out to buy until next week! 🙂 It’s always so nice, as a parent, to see professionals like you and others make such an impact on the younger kids. Thank you again for your time, your encouragement, and your helping to make Ronan and the other kids better at their game! Ronan looks very forward to another clinic soon again. – The Lanam Family (Nashville, TN)


Available Positions

College faceoff player in the greater Philadelphia area?

Please reach out to us if you’d like to help: admin@allamericanfaceoff.com


Faceoff coach interested in joining our team in a local market?

Please reach out to us if you’d like to help:  admin@allamericanfaceoff.com




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