Coaches advice on the position and recruiting?

Coach Pop about the position.

  • It’s important to find a balance between faceoff technique and taking live reps.  To much of one won’t benefit you.  If you’re between 3rd-8th grade, your still learning and mastering the faceoff technique.  Don’t hinder your athletic ability in this period; play other sports and be a kid.  As you keep developing and getting older, faceoff technique and small details become more and more important.  Practice the technique and then go out and do it live.  Reflect, improve, and try it again.  Be a student of the position and keep learning.

Coach Pop about recruiting.

  • The landscape of recruiting for faceoffs has changed dramatically over the years.  The sport is growing and more players are practicing faceoffs.  Not only should you be working on technique and live reps, but it is crucial to get good grades and develop a work ethic.   Keep playing other sports and becoming athletic – college coaches are becoming more selective w/ who they recruit due to the increased number of faceoff players playing.

Outside of practive, faceoff work?

We’re currently working on a basic faceoff warm-up for you to practice at home

Weight room routine or work out?

Coming soon… check in w/ Jay Dyer