Frequently Asked Questions

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There is an emergency; what should I do?

Feel free to call or text us at anytime: 315-396-2474

What is a faceoff?

A faceoff is a competition between two opposing lacrosse players (really a 3 v 3 competition with the wings involved) to gain possession of the lacrosse ball.  To begin, the lacrosse ball is placed on the ground in between two opposing players lacrosse heads.  On the whistle, the players try to react and win the ball for their team.

What is All-American Faceoff (AAFO) faceoff philosophy?

We believe every player’s assets and body types are different. As a result, so should their stance and faceoff strategy.  Not only do we teach each player how to clamp (cover) the ball properly but we teach them other counter moves to help throughout the game. We like to incorporate groundball, shooting, and footwork drills to make players better athletes.

What do 2020, 2021, 2022, et. et mean? What's it for?

Great question. All players are given a “year”, based on their Highschool graduation year.  Clubs and coaches do this to keep a equal level of consistency/clarification.

On the field? Here’s a cheat sheet:

2019 – HS SR

2020 – HS JR

2021 – HS Soph

2022 – HS FR

2023 – 8th Grade

2024 – 7th Grade

2025 – 6th Grade

2026 – 5th Grade

2027 – 4th Grade

2028 – 3rd Grade

I'm worried about my son going up against a more mature player in AAFO's training events...

Of course – in the beginning of each session we will split players based on age and maturity to prevent this. We won’t pair a player up against a bigger, more mature opponent unless he would like too.

Is there a refund policy on faceoff events and apparel?

Yes, if the faceoff event is cancelled players will receive a 100% money back guarantee (please give us 7 days to refund payment).  Players are able to receive a refund on the faceoff session at any time as long as a player notifies us via email/call/text before the event. If the player misses the faceoff session without contacting us there will not be a refund.

Of course, we’ll take any apparel back that the customer isn’t happy with.

Will the faceoff event still go on it it rains or snows?

Sure thing – rain or shine, we’ll still grind :).  If the weather is dangerous or extremely bad we’ll send out a email notifying of the cancellation + look at a make-up date.

Do pre-purchased AAFO events roll over between seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)?

Unfortunately they do not; we expect customers to attend all sessions they signed up for in a given season. If there are any special cases please feel to contact us HERE.

Are AAFO events redeemable in various markets?

Great question – we ask families and players to buy training sessions in the market they currently live in or plan to be in.  If a player is traveling throughout the year and wants to drop in to a new market and/or training session, we welcome it.  Welcome to a new hood!

Do we have to be a U.S. lacrosse member? How do we sign-up?

We ask for a U.S. lacrosse number for all of our players due to liabilities.  To sign up please check the link out HERE

What lacrosse head should I get?

Good question – alot of good ones out there – check out how old faceoff heads are wearing down and our recommendations based on playing style. HERE

Where or how do I string a lacrosse head?

We would recommend either going to a local lacrosse store where they specialize in stringing OR try Ustring HERE

I want to get better; what resources are out there for me?

Great question – we ask ourselves this question all the time :).

  • Check out our whistles w/ music to jam out too HERE
  • Check out our coaches training pages HERE

How do I join the All-American Faceoff team?

We’re always interested in talent w/ or w/o faceoff experience.  Drop us a line w/ your resume and/or past experience and let’s try and try to link up soon.

What is #AARecruiting or All-American Recruiting?

All-American Recruiting (AAR) is a platform of faceoff players, based on a geographic area, organized by graduation year; displaying a view of potential recruits we’ve worked with.

How do I sign up for AAR? It’s easy and free –  just sign up + attend one of our faceoff sessions.  AAR is updated every season and we post athletes based strictly on clinic attendance.

  • Tag #AARecruiting via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to join our stream to let us know who’s lighting up the field over the course of the year.
    • Tag All-American Recruiting via Instagram  , Twitter , or Facebook once a player commits.
    • Fire off highlight video links (please no buddy passes) HERE

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