Frequently Asked Questions

What is a faceoff?

  • A faceoff is a competition between two opposing lacrosse players (really a 3 v 3 competition with the wings involved) to gain possession of the lacrosse ball.  To begin, the lacrosse ball is placed on the ground in between two opposing players lacrosse heads.  On the whistle, the players try to react and win the ball for their team.

What is All-American Faceoff (AAFO), faceoff philosophy? 

  • We’re a firm believer that every player’s assets and body types are different. As a result, so should their stance and faceoff strategy.  Not only do we believe we should teach each player how to clamp (cover) the ball properly but we should teach them other counter moves as well to assist them throughout a game. Since everyone is working hard these days; we are a firm believer of incorporating groundball drills, shooting drills (overall shooting mechanics, fast break reading), and drills that work on making players a better athlete.

What is AAFO coaching philosophy?

  • We believe the best coaching for the position is to be firm, nice, and positive.

What are AAFO company values?

  • Integrity, honesty, grit (skill and effort), and perseverance

I’m worried about my son going up against bigger, more mature players in AAFO’s training events…

  • Of course! In the beginning of each session we will split players by age and maturity to prevent this. We won’t pair a player up against a bigger, more mature opponent unless he would like too.

What should we bring to the faceoff events (Faceoff Day, Faceoff Clinic)?

  • Please bring full equipment, cleats, water bottle, and back-up sticks :)!

Will the faceoff event still go on if it rains or snows?

  • Yup! Rain or shine, we’ll still grind :). If the weather is extremely bad and dangerous we will send out a email notifying everyone of the cancellation.

It looks like checkout registration is asking for a U.S. lacrosse number… how come? How do we sign up to get a U.S. lacrosse number?

  • We ask for a U.S. lacrosse number for all of our players due to liability reasons.  To sign up please check the link out HERE

Do pre-purchased AAFO events roll over between seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)?

  • Unfortunately they do not; we expect customers to attend all sessions they signed up for in a given season. If there are any special cases please feel to contact us HERE.

Are AAFO events redeemable in varies markets?  

  • Great question; sure. AAFO events are redeemable in any markets that we serve. We only ask that a player purchases a event in the market that they are currently living in.  If a player is in a area where they can travel to another market feel free to purchase an event in that market ahead of time and attend.
    • Example: Player X lives and purchases a session in the Philadelphia market.  They are free to come to any other market to participate; S NJ, Washington DC, Baltimore MD et. et.  Please just let us know that you’ll be dropping in.
      • Example: Player X lives in the Philadelphia market. However, they are willing to travel to a nearby market (S NJ). Feel free to purchase a session in S NJ and attend.

Is there a refund policy on faceoff events?

  • If the faceoff event is cancelled players will receive a 100% money back guarantee (please give us 7 days to refund payment).  Players are able to receive a refund on the faceoff session at any time as long as a player notifies us via email beforehand.  If the player misses the faceoff session without contacting us there will not be a refund.

Is there a refund policy on AAFO apparel?

  • Of course, we’ll take anything back that the customer isn’t happy with.

How long does it take to receive AAFO apparel?

  • We go to the post office 1x a week. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive the apparel.  Around any major Holiday we’ll be sure to communicate and get everything delivered beforehand.

There is an emergency; what should I do?

  • Feel free to call or text us at anytime HERE

I’m in the lacrosse store and don’t know what head to purchase; what one do you reccommend?

  • Check out how old faceoff heads are wearing down HERE

My son saw a lacrosse head he’s interested in at a clinic; how do we find the same exact one?

  • Check out our head recommendations HERE

My son is trying to string his new lacrosse head; how do we do it?

  • We would reccommend either going to a local lacrosse store where they specialize in stringing OR try Ustring HERE